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Glasses for Water

Jane Kim’s ultra thin crystal glassware for water lovers. With the Colette water bar in Paris to L.A’s water menus and sommeliers, the popularity of drinking water is unrivalled to any other in the drinks in the industry. The most consumed worldwide beverage of last year was bottled water as reported by Forbes magazine. The consumption of such water reached 233 billion litres and in response to this demand the growth of high-end speciality water brands have to put it literally, begun to flood the market. In celebration of water this is a project exploring a new way of delivering the subtleties of water through the taxonomy of glasses. A pursuit to enhance user knowledge and experience as well as enhancing the taste of different water varieties.

The glasses decrease in volume representing the increase in price of each water and its value. The commoditisation of water. With accompanying 1 Litre carafes for still and sparkling waters Jane wanted to elevate the water drinking experience and design glassware that enhances the beauty of the drink; hand blown in lead free crystal she is preparing to launch this product into the market this year.


Jane Kim



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