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I am mirror collection

I am is a collection of mirrors that bend the viewers reflection. It visualizes the psychological relationship people tend to have with mirrors.
" I find the presence of an mirror in our homes very interesting as its function is very different to other objects. We never touch this objects but still have a very intimate relationship with it. At the same time, it represents the human intellect as a symbol of self-awareness and on the flip side the irrational expectations of our body image and self-esteem. "
Density Screen Prints
Density is a colour and graphics study on how to visualize the density of signals in the air. The silkscreens are done together with Studio Anne Ligtenberg to see how different graphic gradients and colours interact. From up close new patterns arise, whilst from a far, the colours take over and blend in.A2 prints made up of overlays of pigment with beautiful striking patterns.


Kirsi Enkovaara



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