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LAB Series is a tabletop greenhouse planting lab. There are two products in the series: MushroomLAB and HerbLAB. The LAB Series is not only a beautiful and intriguing decorative piece inspired by morning dew in the forest but it also has a practical application as it allows growing plants and mushrooms under a glass dome. The MushroomLAB is a unique greenhouse whose lid of matte glass dims the light, while the stoneware base ensures the right humidity under the dome. The two solutions guarantee perfect conditions for growing mushrooms and only blurry shadows penetrating the ground glass of the dome betray the piece's real function.
Is there anything tastier than home-grown mushrooms and herbs from your little secret lab. This tabletop greenhouse is meant as a planting laboratory. The series is a continuation of one of Alicja Patanowska's graduation projects in the Royal College of Art. The potential of this project was first noticed by the Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola, Poland. The Museum funded the prototypes of the LAB Series for the Helsinki exhibition MODERNA–Crafts And Industry. In collaboration with MANUFAKTURA, a traditional Polish stoneware manufacture, and KROSNO glass factory, Alicja Patanowska is now finalising the LAB design brand offering a chance to reunite with nature and tradition.


Alicja Patanowska



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