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Atölye Designer In Residence

ATÖLYE and Form&Seek`s creative director Bilge Nur Saltik have curated and organize a “Designer in Residence” programme where they will facilitate designers and makers to develop new projects in the Prototyping Lab. The first Maker in Residence in ATOLYE was Bilge Nur Saltik.

In her residency, Bilge Nur Saltik worked on a material focus project. Nur took foam as a focus material, a starting point and explore new techniques and textures to bring out the potential of the material.

"It is quite interesting that foam as a material is mostly hidden. It is generally used furniture or as support material but never found its solo appearance in homes except cleaning." says Nur.

Nur general aim for this project was to highlight foam as a material and its characteristic virtues in her new designs. Casting and combining foam with supporting materials to achieve and find new functional daily life objects.





Material experiment

Bilge Nur Saltik supported by Meric Yazgin


Material experiment

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