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UNDO Laces

UNDO Labs is an Istanbul-based design and innovation studio that reconfigures our environmental relationship with man-made products. Our mission is to undo the damage created as a by-product of our daily activities. UNDO Laces is one of our first product, tackling the carbon footprint created by the shoe industry and it will be launched at New York Design Week 2015, Design Junction.

Designed by Bilge Nur Saltık and Kerem Alper, UNDO Laces not only a product that’s good for the world but also offers functional innovation in a simple product such as a shoelace. Two pieces of UNDO catch each other instantly and lock with a slight twist, this mechanism

helps to replace your UNDO lace with another UNDO lace easily. After attaching two laces together you simply take the old one off, the new one is already in.






Bilge Nur Saltik, Kerem Alper

Fiber, Metal


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