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copyright Form&Seek 2019

Chilean designer Isabel Lecaros has created a collection of woven horsehair pieces, handmade by a local group of artisans in Rari, a rural village in Southern Chile. The collection focuses on an interplay of social and environmental tension, where both man and nature interact collectively to reinterpret centuries-old Chilean folk craft within new ventures. The collection points to the enormous amount of human action that has been invested in transforming the earth's surface, flora, and fauna, and to control it for the needs of production. Conversely, the pieces in this collection are the result of a man-nature relationship where the natural behavior of delicate fibers turns out to be uncontrollable. A formal exercise is materialized as woven horsehair pieces, under the influence of both the natural resource and the artisan’s practice. By exploring the ancient craft of weaving with horsehair, also known as Crin, Isabel continues her focus on ancient traditions and the local techniques of artisanal groups throughout Chile. Her work is created through a collaborative process, working closely with craftsmen of different disciplines and territories.

Designer: Isabel Lecaros

Material: Fiber