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Dimi Constantinides


Dimi Constantinides is the co­founding members of BornAnIdea – a London-­based, inter­disciplinary creative lab.


The lab incubates ideas from the wet and edgy margins of architecture, product and interaction based design.

BornAnIdea’s work is committed to wildly insane speculations of the near and far future and the curious, mundane or ordinary of the past and present.


The design projections, whether client or research ­based are formulated to facilitate critical engagement with the accelerated, complex and interconnected modern world.

Through essays, features, experiments and studies, they set out to map possible futures. The work –strongly inspired by the world of science and technology– explores the theme of choreographing, capturing and revealing hidden dimensions and moments in our daily lives and experiences.


The studio was named one of the 50 global design studios to watch by Icon Magazine in 2013.