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DOMOTEX 2017 /  Trendtable

For DOMOTEX 2017, Form&Seek`s CCF Bilge Nur Saltik was asked to join a group of creative thinkers from five countries, brought together by designer Stefan Diez workshop in his Munich studio. As part of the DOMOTEX venture “Trendtable,” A multinational lineup of designers, comprising Turkish-born Bilge Nur Saltik, Jane Briggs and Christy Cole (Scotland), Klaas Kuiken (Netherlands), Hanne Willmann (Germany) and Victoria Wilmotte (France) were tasked with developing trendsetting flooring concepts and designs. These concepts will take the trade by storm when they are showcased at DOMOTEX 2017.

Rather than products, the output here will be installations from the five designers, intended to trigger conversation, set trends for the industry and draw in the massive audience of architects and designers at the fair.

For DOMOTEX, Nur’s work will break away from the grid (of carpet tiling), so to speak, and will investigate and experiment with ‘joinery’ between flooring elements. Despite this project operating in an entirely new industry, Nur’s work is sure to get to the heart of the brief and impact yet another new realm of design.

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