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First independent group show of electric designers!

Loud Object collection designed for Electro Craft exhibition rethinking relationship between daily life objects and consumer electronics by integrating them together


About Electro Craft

Electro Craft is an exhibition of electronic products created by a diverse group of designers who share a fascination with technology and beautifully made objects. Working in a field that sometimes seems overwhelmed by bland corporate products with very little aesthetic or artistic value. It seems a relevant moment to me to highlight some of the wonderful work that is also happening in the area of electronics. London is a hub of creativity and digital progress and this exhibition tries to give a flavor of some of this original thinking. – Tord Boontje

As the title suggests, this is about the craft of electronics and electronics made as a craft. Made up of new and existing work, the objects on show will vary from speakers to clocks, from wearable tails to musical instruments. The works include conceptual designs, prototypes, and commercial products. The group of 28 exhibitors consists of recent graduates as well as more established designers and artists.

Electro Craft_B09C5335_Photographer Nico
Electro Craft_B09C5338_Photographer Nico
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