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Entwine Rug Collection

Entwine rug collection was created exclusively for the celebration of Form&Seek's 10st anniversary. The patterns in this collection draw inspiration from frosting collections, resulting in a playful and harmonious design that circulates in a fun form.

These carpets are meticulously crafted through hand-tufting, a technique that involves inserting loops of yarn through a fabric backing to create the desired pattern and texture. Additionally, the Entwine Rug collection offers the option of applying custom colors, allowing customers to personalize their rugs according to their preferences.

The Entwine Rug Medium stands out in this collection as it combines both the loop and shaggy techniques. This combination creates a unique texture and visual effect. On the other hand, the remaining Entwine carpets are produced using the loop technique alone, providing a consistent and cohesive aesthetic throughout the collection.




Derin Gürgün,
Bilge Nur Saltık


Acrylic Rope



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