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Angled Table

Angled Tables are designed to adapt to the user’s needs for working methods. With their wheels, separator channels, and rounded corners, they can be rearranged to make space for workshops, individual- or group work without suggesting a particular way of working.

Its natural, durable materials coupled with robust welded legs allow casual leaning and sitting gestures aside from typical work surface use. The light-colored, low-texture, flat varnished birch plywood amplify the use of ambient light and prevent any distraction due to unnecessary patterns on the material - a common issue in some other plywood types. Below, steel powder coated anthracite metal box profiles is used in an optimized geometry composition to provide a welded base and legs.

Detachable metal separators can be colored in any color, helping the user to personalize his/her space with the possibility of marker use and magnets for pin-ups.

This simple yet refined table becomes the atomic particle of a larger CNVS work surface systems, enabling permutations for future iterations.


Office Furniture


Wood, Metal



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