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Frosting Candle Holders

Every piece of the Frosting Collection comes in various flavors and forms.

The Frosting Candle Holders enhance the ambiance of your dining tables, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and more. They offer not only exquisite decor but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the forefront of design. Available in three colors and three sizes, individuals can choose to have one as a striking centerpiece or mix and match sizes and colors to suit their unique style.

Whether used as standalone accents or combined with other pieces from the Frosting Collection, these candle holders are perfect for creating captivating arrangements that redefine spaces.

Design process: 
The Frosting Collection is a series of 3D printed objects that explore innovative design processes. These items are initially sketched using VR software and then manufactured using additive technology. This project is part of ongoing research that reexamines and structures design methodologies.


Home Decor


3D Printed



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