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RAW Dinner Party

The RAWdinnerParty, a distinguished event, was hosted by Matéria Gallery in collaboration with the renowned design studio, Form&Seek, as part of the "Form&Seek: Poetic" exhibition. Set within an industrial, raw space that provided an ideal backdrop for Form&Seek's captivating design creations, the event proved to be a remarkable fusion of art, design, and culinary excellence.

Amidst the stunning exhibits from Form&Seek, guests were treated to a culinary journey curated by the visionary Chef Javier Bardauil. His culinary artistry was on full display as he meticulously crafted a sit-down dinner experience that showcased the inherent beauty of raw ingredients. Each dish served as a testament to the studio's commitment to innovation and creative design.

The dinner experience was a multi-sensory exploration, masterfully designed to tantalize taste buds, awaken olfactory senses, and stimulate visual appreciation for the art of gastronomy. The exquisite courses blurred the lines between food and design, creating a poetic and unforgettable dining experience.

The RAW Dinner party invited attendees to engage with and appreciate the profound synergy between art, cuisine, and design. This unique event left a lasting impression, inspiring a deep appreciation for the raw beauty that surrounds us, while highlighting Form&Seek's creative prowess in the world of design and innovation.


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