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Dafi Reis Doron

Dafi Reis-Doron is an Honours graduate in industrial design of Bezalel Academy (2006) and the Royal College of Art (2012) in design product .
Dafi worked for several years in the plastics industry, first in D-vision, a prestigious internship programme at Keter Ltd, and later as a development manager in the Keter home section.She creates many innovative products that can be found among the Argos, B&Q and Wal-Mart range.
On her graduation from the RCA, Dafi set up her own studio creating innovative products based on her extensive industrial knowledge and passion for innovation. In her work she passionately seeks to overcome the prevalent, rigid dichotomy between a design based on one-off pieces and one that is geared towards production on a larger scale. Motivated by an untiring wish to promote and affect culture through design, she insists on both technological and aesthetic innovation and industrial potentiality. Ultimately, Dafi aims to challenge existing industrial processes in order to create the next generation of products.

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