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Dewi Kruijk

Dewi Kruijk is a conceptual designer with a strong affection for product design. She graduated at the Design Academy in Eindhoven in the department Man and Communication and Man and Mobility.

Kruijk’s work is characterized by her love for ambiguity. In her design process she always uses two starting points, often resulting in projects that find themselves on the border of the rational and emotional, the two- and three-dimensional and are deliberately aimed at triggering ambiguous thoughts among viewers. Designing products as functional and timeless skeletons, she uses them as a pedestal for her conceptual ideas but believes they could also serve as a base for a wide range of contemporary ideas over a longer period of time.

Her project “When Logic Meets Bliss” illustrates this idea in the simplest form. Aiming at simplifying subjective and ornamental expression within a product, these light objects are made from a simple steel tube, housing an LED tube light and a flat paper shade that slides on easily. The contrast between the firmness of the steel tube and the delicate properties of the paper sleeve make for a durable yet adaptable solution.