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Donut Shop

Donut Shop is a Detroit-based design studio founded in 2017 by friends Ian Klipa and Jacob Saphier. They work on a variety of projects including furniture, lighting, and spaces. While their portfolio spans multiple disciplines and styles, it is unified by a desire to build upon traditional craft. Ian and Jake come from a sculptural background and are largely self taught when it comes to machining and fabrication. This duality leads to unconventional approaches in their work.

Donut Shop designs and produces the majority of it’s work in house. This means that the completion of a project is rarely far from its conception both physically and mentally. This results in a practical approach to design, where the processes involved in creating work are always a consideration. In addition to their own production capabilities, Donut Shop relies on the area’s wealth of industrial heritage to realize their designs utilizing both local services and suppliers.

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