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Jule Waibel

Jule Waibel calls herself the creator of the unfolded universe.

Her work is based on pleated patterns and transforming structures. Waibel playfully combines objects, fashion, performance with a strong focus on geometric shapes, transformation and aesthetics. Her work is influenced by the geometry and simplicity of the Bauhaus.

Jule Waibel is a German designer based in Berlin, London, and Bali. Her namesake brand was established in 2014 after she graduated at the Royal College of Art London. Now she has a studio in Berlin and in Bali, where she and her team produces her unfolded products, haute couture, and commissions. Her work is represented in the field of product-, interior-, fashion & textile, space design & performance. Her clients are amongst others Swarovski, Adidas, Stora Enso.

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