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Laura Lynn Jensen & Thomas Vailly

She’s Dutch, he’s French. Graduates of Design Academy Eindhoven, they bring their talents together to produce works that revamp the production process (Thomas Vailly also studied mechanical engineering) and awaken the poetic power of perspectives (a passion of hers). The different collaborations between Laura Lynn Jansen and Thomas Vailly are based on their complementary approaches and views on product and interior design. Whether they are growing stone objects (CaCO3 stoneware) or investigating the colorful nature of light (101.86°), the signature of their collaboration is the great attention paid to natural phenomena. Both our previous project CaCO3 and 101.86° react to the urgency triggered by the current system of production/consumption. While not being ‘green’ or ‘eco’, these projects suggest alternative process of harvesting raw material, transformation and production of goods while working with natural process and phenomenon, rather than against it. In order to do so, the research and development of these projects are based on a cross-disciplinary approach together with experts from various fields. Geologists and chemists for CaCO3 , physicists and glass producers for 101.86°, and perhaps another craftsmen in the next project.