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Nila Rezai

Nila Is a Sydney based multidisciplinary designer and thinker who has a simple goal of designing for a better world. She is constantly in search for everyday design issues and a way of overcoming them as well as communicating complex environmental and social matters through unconventional ways. Nila identifies herself as a maker, doer and collaborator, she enjoys working with several stakeholders outside of the design world. She has an interest in combining design and technology and make works that are quite interactive and responsive.

Nila is currently studying a bachelor of Design (Honours), majoring in Object and Jewellery Design at UNSW Art and Design (formerly known as COFA). She is the founder and the president of Make Club at UNSW Art and Design; a collaborative environment for all the art and design students to come together and share the love of making, collaboration and learning. She is also a casual studio supervisor at UNSW Art and Design, assisting first year students with 3D modelling and Design Computing subjects.

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