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Pia Wustenberg

Pia was born in Germany, where she lived with her Finnish mother, German father, sister and brother. With a home in both countries, she spend much time travelling, enjoying the contrast between her two cultures.

At the age of 15 she moved to England to complete her school years, continuing onto a foundation year of studies in Glass, Ceramic and Metal at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design. This was followed by her Undergraduate studies in Furniture Design and
Craftsmanship at Bucks New University, where she diversified her skills into mixed media, combining the traditional woodworking methods with various other crafts for her final degree show in 2008.
Upon finishing she set up her own studio in North Karelia, Finland, working with various local craftsmen for Piadesign.

In 2009 Pia returned to the UK for her postgraduate at the Royal College of Arts in Design Products. Her work continued with research into crafts in the contemporary world:
finding new applications for the traditional processes as well as inventing new ones.

Today she continues her freelance design work from her London studio, as well as running her own design, manufacturing and distribution company Utopia & Utility.

Utopia & Utility focuses on craft manufacturing, combining function and fantasy in objects that are handmade.

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