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Ahryun Lee

Ahryun Lee is an artist of versatile talents;

she is a ceramic sculptor, designer-maker and skillful craftsman.

Having studied ceramics in the South Korea and the UK, she explores numerous creative possibilities in ceramics
by embracing a global perspective between the East and the West.

Her practice has developed in varied ways based on using a combination of professional skills alongside fundamental knowledge of materials. Her work is visually material-driven and highly skillful, which contains both aspects of tradition and contemporary.

Despite the fact that she was influenced by the traditional aspects from a history of ceramics in Asia, as soon as she moved to UK to keep her master studies at the Royal College of Art, she starts having curiosities about new areas such as ceramic sculpture and installation.
The interdisciplinary approaches expand her expression in clay and it leads her to explore different areas out of the comfort zone while tearing apart the boundaries between Craft, Design and Art.

To contemplate the area between function and non-function, Ahryun’s objective is to create intriguing objects
which create discourse between the object and the viewer, whilst maintaining an interesting and unusual aesthetic.
Unusual surface manipulation is the main feature of her work and In-depth material research enables her to create another extraordinary visual language.

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