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'This world is but a canvas to our imagination.'

Henry David Thoreau

CNVS is a furniture brand created by interdisciplinary team of designers at ATOLYE Labs and manufactured in partnership with local artisans to meet the needs of new generation work- and education workspaces. Canvas is the background, open to endless variations, the minimum infrastructure to hold space together. Alternately, CNVs can be interpreted through its meaning in biology: Copy Number Variations (CNVs), used to describe the variation in the number of the copies of a particular gene in the DNA of an individual. The idea of furniture which takes on alternate characters based on different tessellations is what defines the CNVS brand. CNVS uses local, natural and certified materials to create minimal, ergonomic and inspiring designs. CNVS products are made from natural materials such as plywood, recycled OSB and locally-sourced metal. Primary goal is to adapt in shifting needs of education/work spaces, thus built-in wheels are essential, complemented with mobile accessories for lighting, acoustic absorption, writing and more.

Canvas is made to unleash your ideas.

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