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Elizabeth Salonen

Elizabeth Salonen is a multidisciplinary designer, and founder of Mottoform, a Canada-based design studio (previously Helsinki). Established in 2005, Salonen works in product, textile design, surface, homewares, furniture and collectible art and objects.

Her work has earned international awards and recognition, and in 2012 she was selected as Industrial Designer of the Year in Finland.

Salonen has a love for materiality and fine craftsmanship. Throughout her career she’s explored materials to create collectible 2- and 3-D objects. Nordic influences are evident in the form language of her designs, and in the desire to explore the narrative of materials, craft, and techniques for making collectible art and design. Design that has a story and place, authenticity, tradition, and combines artisan with industrial manufacturing. "I’m also interested in the wellbeing of the planet, using non-toxic and sustainable materials, and re-materializing waste or discarded products into new.”

Born in Canada, Salonen studied design in the U.S. and Finland, and received a degree in Industrial Design from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.

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