Hidden dimensions 

Seeking for the lost forms of expression


Manifestation of function, honesty of material, sense of interaction, projection of value. These are the qualities that define the identity of an object for us, these are what we call forms of expression.

In our work we wanted to look beyond expectations and find lost forms of expression in the objects around us.


A gas tank can be a stool, if the revealed nature of the steel inverts its affordances, distorts its original value and changes its context of existence.


The interaction with a lamp can be reimagined if the the act of switching on is made possible through the motion of uncovered electrical connections.


The aesthetic qualities of a motor can be revealed if expressed through the creation of a dynamic sculpture.


These pieces are not only about what they represent, but also what they suggest. We see them as a medium to explore the world of things in front of us and discover hidden dimensions in what already exists.

DesignerPasquale Totaro & Onni Aho

Material: Metal


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