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Chair of the Moment

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Chair of the Moment

Chair of the Moment is a structural experiment that discovers new ways to construct a chair besides the most common symmetrical and perpendicular build up. One of the most important influences for the project came from the spontaneous and instinctive but at the same time rational vernacular fishing structures, anchored on the rocks on the edge of the sea. These often cantilevered constructions need to have a strong attachment to the ground so the structure, usually made of wood, can span over the water.

The furniture builds up from 7 angular white oak rods. The chair might appear as a random structure, although it modifies the operation of a pinwheel arrangement. The elements are composed in face-to-face relations and form a closed circuit. This structural order creates a reciprocal frame where each rod reclines on the previous one, this makes the furniture stable. The seating surface is made out of natural canvas that harmonizes with the white oak and celebrates a natural and refined but raw material palette.

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