Pour les Alpes reinterprets the nearly forgotten, traditional straw-plaiting craft and presents the two pieces of furniture Khan and Rani in a contemporary context. Oriental in their appearance, but rooted in Switzerland, Khan and Rani awake curiosity in regards of their cultural background.

The design is inspired by the rich culture of the straw hat plaiting industry of the Freiamt in Aargau, Switzerland, which was, beside Florence and Luton, one of the most important trade centres of straw in Europe in the 19th century.


Khan and Rani catch one's attention with their organic shape. Developed in collaboration with the straw hat plaiter Kurt Wismer from Hägglingen AG, the two pieces of furniture combine wood with the carefully woven straw plaiting work. The graphical pattern is created by including single straws in contrasting colour.

The side table and the stool are made from solid maple wood, which originates from the forestry of Schloss Herdern in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. 




100% Swiss Made


Pour les Alpes develops unique and unconventional design products. With a focus on high quality materials and perfection to the very detail, Pour les Alpes relies on cooperation with selected manufactories and craftsmen workshops in Switzerland.

Pour les Alpes commends therein a redefinition of Swissness: High quality products, with regional reference and dedicated for an international audience. The products of Pour les Alpes are collector’s items. With allusions to the cultural background of the products, they arouse curiosity and serve as topics of conversation.






Designer:Pour les Alpes

Material: Wood



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