Lignes de Capiton


Lignes de Capiton presents an innovative and original use of the traditional upholstery technique of capiton- nage - button sofa.

the wood beams function both as an alternative to
the buttons that pin-down the cushioned fabric and as means of giving a shape and a pattern to an otherwise flat surface. The outcome is an object that lies some- where between a bench and a sofa; a naked frame and a cushion.

The name of the project, Lignes de Capiton, is a refer- ence to Jacques Lacan’s term “point de Capiton” - the point(s) in which signified and signifier are held to- gether, giving rise to an illusion of a fixed meaning to language.

I worked with an expert upholsterer in order to chal- lenge the traditional craft of capitonnage by replacing its basic element - the point, with a line.

Designer: Dafi Reis Doron

Material: Wood

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