LIMINAL is a minimal and multifunctional lighting unit that provides an alternative to existing products. LIMINAL was developed in order to accommodate the demand for flexibility in the contemporary way of living, as it can transform itself into numerous variations v ia its kinetic joints and adjustable modules.
Minimal: LIMINAL draws its inspiration from a single line. It is a lighting unit with a plain form and a compact design. With its foldable body, LIMINAL can be easily packed and don’t take up space.
Adaptable: LIMINAL provides many scenarios via its rotatable joints. It can fit to different surfaces, including your desk and walls.
Robustness: LIMINAL is made out of solid, high-caliber aluminium blocks that are CNC-milled and refined with traditional manufacturing methods such as metal lathe.
Craftsmanship: LIMINAL was conceived in partnership with local craftsmen in the vicinity of the design studio, enabling rapid iteration and a detail-driven product development.
LIMINAL was created as a collaboration between ATÖLYE Labs and Buşra Tunç, where Buşra’s concept and design was enhanced by ATÖLYE Labs' transdisciplinary team, which combines skill sets in fields that range from graphics to electronics, from user experience to materials.

Designer: CNVS design

Material: Metal, Glass

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