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Desk Tidies

A collection of pared down folded steel desk tidies designed by Clea Jentsch. Each piece has a twist in how it works or how it can be used, providing affordances in addition to their main purposes. The minimal visual language running through the entire collection ties it together. It is designed with manufacture in mind being laser cut from steel, then folded and finally powder coated in matt mint and yellow.
Zick Zack is a pen organiser that holds three pens or small bits and bobs. It can also sit above cables or pens lying on your desk. The new edition is made in Germany and available to buy in mint green.
The collection also features an in-out tray, two tape dispensers, a pen tidy, a pencil sharpener and a small tidy for post-its or small bits and pieces.


Clea Jentsch



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