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Hot Wire Extensions Lamps

Our project explores alternative processes of making by transforming line structures to solid bodies. The process uses Nichrome wire and a material mixture of waste nylon powder from SLS 3D printing and Cristobalite sand. By putting an electrical current through the wire, the resistance of the wire causes it to heat up to approximately up to 600°C. The heat is distributed around the wire through the sand, which also acts as a filler material. The nylon powder melts and instantly bonds during the curing process the mixture to a solid body. The flexible wire allows any desirable structure to be designed and displays new potentials in production and aesthetics. The pliable and transient becomes solid, bonding seamlessly to find its own bone-like structure.

‘12 - Hot Wire Extensions’ is a series of twelve stools exploring the structural potential of this process, showcasing the strength of the material and the flexibility of the process. Throughout its development, various methods and techniques of using the wire were discovered and successively refined. Each stool demonstrates a different approach, emphasizing a particular technique of using the wire and composite.


Studio Ilio



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