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Intuitive Tableware

The power of cutlery is often underestimated. Using tools to eat is a representation of civility dating as far back as the Prehistoric era and entire cultures are founded on differing attitudes to eating with differing tools. Jane has designed cutlery that reintroduces that civility by encouraging users to eat elegantly with her intuitive cutlery sets.

The re-design of contemporary cutlery centres around aesthetic and this project asserts that the shape of cutlery should evolve more closely in relation to the way we eat which is in turn often prescribed by the shape of the handle as an extension of the arm.

Presented here are two four piece sets. One geometric (circle square triangle) and one Triangular. Both to elevate cutlery on an intuitive level and provide for a more elegant dining experience.

The geometric set: The spoons afford the natural twist of a spoon were you to eat soup or stir sugar into your tea and the soup spoon shape of the teaspoon bowl urges you to eat ice cream delicately. The square fork handle allows you to pick up your food with real intent as the three prongs allow for more accurate aim and the handle provides the perfect grip. The triangular knife also provides the perfect hold of the knife when delicately slicing food.

The Triangular set: A progression of the geometric set this well balanced 4 piece set came from an overwhelming response that this particular handle shape was a real pleasure to hold.


Jane Kim



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