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Crystal Mirror

Our world is changing in a fast and significant way. Progress has been measured by increased speed and efficiency - faster, better, stronger. This has caused a shift in our perception of time. In our fast-paced society time seems to fly, the time has become a luxury product, the time has become a currency.

In reality, time has been passing at the same speed for ages. Nature can be seen as an opponent of today’s society. Natural processes are proof of time.

The ‘Crystal’ series is the result of research into stalagmites, one of the greatest wonders of nature. The growing process of the objects can be seen as a metaphor for time. Each object is unique in shape, colour, and texture, due to the organic development of the object. The objects are the result of the natural crystallization of minerals and the influence of the designer on the formation process. This process can take up to several weeks to obtain the perfect shape, interesting colour combinations and dimensions of crystals.

Each piece is unique and made by the designer, for this reason there may be slight variations of size or details in each piece.



Isaac Monté


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