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Ol Lamp

For the Age of Man, multidisciplinary designer Meng Hsun Wu has designed a lamp using a timeless material–marble–to assure a long period of usage, as well as to explore the properties of two natural materials, marble, and light, together. The lamp simulates different phases of moonlight (through its pairing of marble and light) and reflects a natural environment within an indoor space, highlighting the quality of natural resources to the user. The design for the lamp also aims to keep manufacturing to the minimum, and create limited waste, while still being a versatile product. After researching current marble manufacturing practices, specific geometric elements and shapes were chosen for the lamp by Meng, with the intent to reduce production waste. Embedded within the design is also Meng’s desire to understand and illustrate a connection between past and present–knowledge inherited as a designer, from the past, and the natural resources of today.



Meng Hsun Wu


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