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Nordic Mood



Ekin Kayis

Ceramic, glass

Nordic Mood collection is a result of an experimental design project and an extensive material research, which focuses on aesthetic and functional possibilities of bringing together ceramics and glass during the glassblowing process. The project involves with the development of new specialised ceramic clays from raw materials, with thermal shock resistance and durability required for glassblowing along with experimentation with glassblowing methods and techniques for exploring the relationship between two materials.

Using ceramic directly in the glassblowing process opens up many possibilities in the creative process. The project utilizes the outcomes of this extensive practical research in ceramic materials and glassblowing techniques to display various ways of joining two materials together while exploring the aesthetic and functional potential of this combination in terms of texture, form, color and finishes.

Objects in the Nordic Mood collection are inspired by the atmosphere, impression, and colors of the sky in Finland.

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