Mesh Separator


Mesh separator is designed as a dynamic, minimal furniture to meet the ever-changing needs of formative spaces for thinking and doing.


With its built-in wheels, these lightweight, structurally optimized expanded metal separators create an optimum amount of flexibility. The separator divides the space, yet remains as a perforated surface, for the in between passing gazes and social interaction.


Body frame is a minimal-width, stable triangle with L-shaped metal bars, a mid-way support piece, and the inherently strong, waste-free expanded metal with clear, no-VOC varnish finishing.


In terms of accessories, whiteboard surfaces are optional for capturing ideas during brainstorms, suitably leaning back at the triangular surface for ergonomic comfort. The back-side of the same surface is filled with recycled sponge and all-natural, uncolored felt, providing a bulletin board that also provides sound insulation. Alternative uses span from coat hangers to gallery-quality photo displays, custom-made bookshelves to hanging plant pots.

This piece represents the CNVS philosophy at its best: minimal, efficient and a perfect backdrop for countless productive sessions to create, learn and share.

Designer: CNVS

Material: Metal, Fabric

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