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Magpie Collection



Lauren Davies, Lucy Norman


Designers Lauren Davies and Lucy Norman present Magpie Collection – a series of beautifully crafted glass bottles and containers for storing homemade cosmetics. As homage to the Magpie and their displays of collected shiny treasure that are used to attract a mate, Magpie Collection is designed to be shown-off.

Gold-mirrored designs on the glass surfaces reflect the light on one side and cast shadows on the other, creating beautiful overlapping patterns. The viscosity, colour and texture of different liquids, lotions and powders change the way light refracts and reflects adding a playful element to the collection.

Magpie Collection is completed with an elegant set of handheld tools for use with the containers including a spoon, sieve, funnel and bottle brush.

As a set, the pieces create a harmony that is a far cry from the myriad of mismatching, plastic bottles, pots and cosmetic paraphernalia often to be found on a dressing table or bathroom shelf.

Magpie Collection is a collaboration that takes elements of Lauren’s work on beauty and Lucy’s experiments with pattern and light to create a stylish series of products that fuse beauty and playfulness with functionality.

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