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Marina Stanimirovic

Metal, Ceramic

For “HERMETIC DIALOGUES”, Marina Stanimirovic initiates conversations between contrasting materials, volumes and shapes. Her interest located not in the isolated, individual entities as such, but in their relationships and interactions.

“Jewels are for me movable objects that evolve and engage with the body”. This obsession for adaptability led her researches to focus on finding new alternatives of hinges and links beyond the jewellery uses. Mostly inspired by architectures and mechanical objects, it is naturally that she starts exploring industrial materials such as rubber tubing and window seals. These new elements gave to her design the malleability and flexibility that she was looking for. Present in our everyday, it became also a tangible way to incorporate a sense of reality into the precious, questioning the notions of value and preciousness.

Toying with her heterogeneous materials, Marina experiments with methods to bond these antithetic elements. Fascinated by the importance of the link; the connection becomes a space to explore the balance between relationships, safety, isolation and detachment. Do these links highlight connections or distances? Is here a sense resiliency or a gloomy disregard? Of void or absence?
HERMETIC DIALOGUES is the materialisation of Marina Stanimirovic’s search to understand this space where the immutable meets the volatile.

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