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Acoustic Landscapes

By reinventing existing or traditional techniques, and combining them with digital making, Dutch product and material designer Robin Pleun Maas has created a new, innovative material that makes people wonder how it has been made. Acoustic Landscapes–a series of “structured textiles”–captures human and technical development throughout time in one design. Multiple contrasting techniques are used to create these interior surfaces and rugs, from handcrafted embroidery and braiding, to digital pattern cutting–blurring the line between craft and computer-operated techniques. The result is that a flat surface is changed into a three-dimensional landscape, and colors shift or blend in by changing one’s perspective; these Acoustic Landscapes enter into a visual interaction with the moving body. In these woven textiles, robust and sporty ropes are combined with soft wool felt. The contrasting materials create depth and structure, while a selection of bright colors enhances this effect even more. By virtue of their woven structure, the collection of textiles can be applied on the walls or floors of architectural environments to improve acoustics, while also serving as art or design elements in space.


Robin Pleun Maas



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