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Anaglyphic Mirrors

Canadian artist-designer Jordan Söderberg Mills interprets the 'Age of Man,' as the age of reason–of scientific inquiry, analysis, and understanding. Human consciousness is a rare gift, he says, and our ability to observe the world around us is even more precious. Interested in how we perceive the world through our senses, Söderberg Mills builds objects that focus light, volume, wavelength, and colour as a bridge between the perceptual self and the objective universe. His series of Anaglyphic Mirrors, which will be seen in this exhibit, bends and refracts wavelengths of colour, creating seemingly digital filters on the real world. Akin to his broader practice, in Anaglyphic Mirrors too, Söderberg Mills sets out to create a sense of curiosity about the unknown, build little atmospheres that play with natural physics, provoke inquiry about the world around us, and render light in new ways.


Jordan Söderberg Mills


Screen print on paper

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