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Carrying On Carrying On

For the ‘Age of Man,' textile designer and art educator Blake Griffiths presents two new works ‘Home is where you carry it’ and ‘Bag to drag your life across the border’–a continuation of his Carrying On Carrying On project, exhibited at the Australian Design Centre's Bright Futures exhibition. Faithful to Griffiths’ interest in contrasting natural and synthetic materials, as well as throwing light on current social issues, these two works paint a future where artificial or human-made inventions and materials–believed to have led us to the Anthropocene –can actually save or support us, either temporarily or permanently. 'Home is where you carry it' is portable flooring, made entirely from recycled plastic bin liners and handspun nettle, providing comfort to the ever-moving or displaced dweller. 'Bag to drag your life across the border,' meanwhile, is a tough but flexible bag, also made from synthetic material, that serves as a robust tool for man’s journey ahead.


Blake Griffiths



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