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Cellulite Light

A Body of Skin

The theme “The Age of Man” for this Form&Seek exhibition is in many ways also the overarching theme of Studio 9191’s body of work. The studio looks to human bodies as the principle source of inspiration for its limited edition designs. Studio 9191 was designed to create extraordinary objects for the everyday. Innovative material treatments are at the core of the studio's design ethos and are implemented to bold visual effect.

“A Body Of Skin” explores the intricate subtleties of the skin surface and the volumes of the flesh. The stools are designed to provoke and surprise – their mottled colouring appears hard yet can cradle a baby. Silicone is used as the base element in the work, as its visceral quality is instantly evocative of skin.

The “Copper CelluLights” are designed to be hung so that the two lights align to create the silhouette of a leg. The irregularities of the texture are created by hammering the copper repeatedly and labouriously. The colour is unadulterated- all the scars and dimples created the result of the process.


Gigi Baker



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