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Multidisciplinary designer and thinker Nila Rezai’s project Dispersion aims to encourage the act of making a positive change within the context of climate change. Focusing on catastrophic Oil Spills around the globe, the interactive mirror object utilizes a forced interaction to evoke a moment of contemplation about the pervasive toxicity that can result from human oil exploration and extraction. The mirror is coated with two types of black thermochromatic pigment, mixed with bio-resin, as a metaphor to an oily surface, which visibly transforms to become clear when heated. For a user to reveal the reactive surface of the mirror, they are forced to blow into a wind sensor located on top of its frame, encouraging them to participate in the act of ‘repair.' A custom made heating system is attached to the mirror, which activates via the wind sensor, and results in a slow transformation of the surface from black to clear. This process takes 7-8 minutes, forcing the user to slow down and contemplate man-made activities that are destroying our planet earth. Dispersion lies in the realm of discursive/speculative object design, aiming to evoke discourse and conversation, rather than performing as an instrument of utility.


Nila Rezaei



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