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Dual Towls

In an age where the world is moving towards globalization and homogenization, Kuwaiti product designer Kawther Al Saffar’s Dual Bowls project focuses on finding cultural meaning in non-dominant, and non-western design perspectives. It highlights previously masked craft abilities in the locality of Kuwait and promotes a borderless view of culture through the experience of making. Kawther’s emerging furniture design practice Saffar aims to contribute to a global conversation on the importance of experience-based cultural design. This is achieved by elevating and promoting the processes and skills available in Kuwait, such as sand-casting and copper sinking, both of which have been under-utilized till now. The Dual Bowls–made of mixed metals–are cast in the Alwafi Foundry in Kuwait, from industry recycled metals, and require a large nationally diverse community of craftsmen for their execution. This highlights the ability of a marginalized group of individuals with a lifetime of stories and heritage to share.


Kawther Al Saffar


Recyled metals

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