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Embracing Touch

Embracing Touch is an evocative collection of jewelry, created by Lithuanian designer Marija Puipaitė, where the intent it to mark certain body parts. Silver and bronze puddles seem to ripple on body landscapes, and massive pieces lay comfortably on the skin–almost as an extension of the human body. The goal of this collection was to find commonly fitting shapes for its wearers, so the jewelry was cast from wax forms melted under body heat. The collection therefore also offers the possibility for personalization. Beyond this project, Marija uses the human body as a starting point for much of her design. Whether it is furniture or jewelry, it always possesses an intimate, organic connection with its user. It is no wonder then that Marija sees Embracing Touch as a material expression of the theme 'Age of Man.' “It is interesting how we feel about the material environment around us–what kind of connection do we have with it? Do we distant it all from ourselves, or do we see our bodies in integrity with the shapes and materials of Earth?” she says. In this collection, Marija celebrates the positive aspects of humankind’s handwork, and our ability to master materials and give them shape and function.


Maria Puipate



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