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Frozen Fabric

Digital fabrication is often perceived to produce flawless results–lacking a certain unique handcrafted quality. Frozen Fabric, created by Melbourne-based architect Farheen Dossa, challenges this notion by using digital fabrication techniques for creating a structure that possesses aesthetic qualities that lie between control and the lack of. Pursuing her interest in the relationship between design, making and digital fabrication techniques, Farheen’s intent here was to convey the honesty and simplicity of the materials with a single typical CNC-routed template for casting pieces. At the same time, the fluidity of the fabric and natural grain of the concrete made sure every cast and final interior object looked unique. The technology was thus used for sustainability, as well as to generate unique aesthetics. In doing this, Frozen Fabric develops a whimsical aesthetic which conveys the coexistence of nature and man. While the soft, organic, fabric-like folds and texture denote forces of nature, the sharp contrasting lines symbolize the presence and ambition of man.


Farheen Dossa



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