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Gravity Series

Multidisciplinary designer and creative director Toby Jones has over 15 years of experience working in Australia's fashion, music and lifestyle industries. His designs combine a bold graphic aesthetic, with a precise and minimalist approach to construction. Collections are built around a central theme, and consistently raise questions concerning the legacy of modern man. Drawing inspiration from our perceptions of ancient civilizations, the future and the disposable nature of modern society, each piece aims to reflect the playful functionality and self-contained aesthetic of everyday life while questioning the guessing games involved in putting together the puzzling pieces of our past. Toby's Gravity Series consists of two low, and two high side tables, and a long coffee table. The tables explore the relationship between simple forms and powerful forces–each relying on its own weight and shape to allow it to function and stay upright. The side tables are each cut from a single log of Camphor Laurel Timber, which is considered a weed in Australia. The solid blocks are finished raw, and suspended into steel frames–held in place by their own weight. The balance coffee table rests its weight on a central spine, sitting flush with the floor, and is constructed from sheet plywood.


Toby Jones


Wood, metal

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