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Lumps of Clay

The work Lumps of Clay refers to the theme 'Age of Man' by interrogating the basic human urge to act, to understand and to control. It ultimately promotes a transformation of mentality and a detachment from the construct of (clock) time, identified as a catalyst for action.The smallest actions contain the possibilities to alter our thoughts, is the belief of Eindhoven-based designer Thomas Nathan, and his work Lumps of Clay illustrates a mental and physical transformation through small movements, characterized by a state of mind which is detached from a rationalized understanding of time. These actions, of pressing individual lumps of clay, provide the mental space for exploring every single detail while creating conditions for the hitherto unacknowledged to unfold in rich complexity. Lumps of Clay represents not a return but a new beginning. It is a technique, simple in principle, but powerful enough to challenge our multi-layered relations with the material world and how we intervene in it.


Thomas Nathan



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