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Oddities Armonie

Michiel Poelmann's Oddities Armoire project explores the tension in and between materials–wood and steel, softness and hardness, masculine and feminine, smoothness and roughness, romanticism and classicism. The Oddities Armoire creates a relationship between what was already there – antiques crafted by others more than one century ago–and contemporary design. A collaboration between furniture designer Michiel Poelmann, antique dealer Michiel Wildschut, and graphic designer Baukje Stamm {Wunderwald, Amsterdam}, the project began with antiques as a starting point, triggering investigation and exploration. Poelmann himself creates furniture, lighting, and other design products from wood, metal, and stone. But none of his creations conform to the standard molds of tables, stools, cabinets or lights created from these materials. Chemical reactions, welding different materials together, and working with imperfect, found wood are qualities signature to his work, and some are seen in this project as well.


Michiel Poelmann


Wood, metal

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