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Royal Green-blue

Artificial Regality: Royal Green-Blue

Artificial Regality: Royal Green-Blue, is a design research project by Tel Aviv-based designer Naama Agassi, which centers on the fluctuating value of color. Throughout history, the colors blue and green were very scarce and associated with royalty and nobility. This is because it was hard to find these colors in their natural form, making them expensive and unattainable. Today, it is easier to produce these colors and they are widely available. Once the original context of these colors was lost, their status has also been transformed. In this project, Naama explores the preciousness of colors, through the color turquoise in particular. She combines its most natural form (using oxidized scrap copper objects), with its artificial forms (found in inferior objects).The results can be described as contemporary archaeological artifacts–playfully combining the cheap with the luxurious, and using new contexts and opportunities to restore ancient notions, and reclaim the color’s archaic status in new and precious objects.


Naama Agassi



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