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Water Tower Pour Over

Created by furniture designer and ceramicist Eny Lee Parker with designer and engineer Levi Brandon Gordy, the Water Tower collection features a pour over coffee assembly which is handcrafted from local, harvested Georgia clay Kaolin. The collection includes a coffee drip, cup, and vase. Via this collection, the duo makes a commentary and reflection on the consumption of water. Through these works, they say "We often travel to gaze into the ocean’s abyss—to get lost in its existence and humble ourselves. Inevitably, when the context changes and we return home, we fail to maintain perspective with the same resource. It is difficult for us to recognize and appreciate beauty in such a seemingly disposable commodity. Evidence of depletion is undeniable.” In this way, the collection serves as a reminder of the voids which prevent us from consciously conserving things that we need most.


Eny Lee Parker, Levi Brandon Gordy


Ceramic, metal

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